How we learn

Как мы учимся

Our employees are our main advantage

The success of the company depends entirely on them so we invest time and money in the development of our team.

For the training of professionals within the company we apply the same principles as in the development of innovative products: the best ingredients (training techniques), modern equipment (advanced forms of training), development experts (professional trainers) and joy for customers (taste for knowledge).

There are many exciting projects in our portfolio of development programmes.

Our projects

  • «MAG» Program
  • Talent development program
  • «Internal teacher»
  • Corporate Library
Accomplishing challenging, nontrivial tasks is one of the elements of the company’s employees’ development . The MAG program is intended for unlocking employees potential and developing new ideas, new approaches to problem solving, as well as new advanced skills.

The program is developed for those employees who want to feel like a spaceman that returned back to Earth and feel pride in its incredible achievements, gratitude and acknowledgement, as well as receive professional benefits and valuable gifts!

Each of us, having studied the situation from a different perspective, having assumed the responsibility, having finally solved the problem,frightening at the very beginning and solution seeming impossible, having demonstrated one’s proficiency, and being able to develop a global mindset, far reaching ideas and deep thoughts, may become a MAGician. In order to participate in MAG you need to company with four simple criteria.
Talent development program provides Talent pool for our company.

 Successors to leadership positions receive:

  • assessment of competencies,
  • an individual development plan,
  • skills development with support of team-leader and mentor, 
  • extra bonus after improvement of competencies.

The gold mine of the company's intellectual capital are our employees, they are the holders of unique knowledge, expertise and experience.

The program «Internal teacher» is an opportunity to try yourself as a coach and transfer your knowledge within the company.

Any employee can become an internal teacher regardless of his / her position.

Internal teachers receive financial incentives and appreciation to colleagues.

Corporate library is a part of our knowledge bank. The library contains not only business literature but also books aimed at personal development. The library is available to all employees of the company. Reading books with us is part of the culture, part of the learning process and certification of knowledge.

What tasks does the corporate library solve?

  • Professional development of employees
  • Increased interest in learning best practices and technologies
  • Motivation to study the unique experience of the world's largest and Russian corporations
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«There is no better investment than the investment in yourself» S. Covey«The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People»