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Coronavirus infection COVID-19 has caused a global emergency for world healthcare and the whole society...

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Competition « 4 Seasons. Spring» from «Russkaya Niva» on a social network «VKONTAKTE»

On March 12, «Russkaya Niva» on a social network «VKONTAKTE» announced the second season of competition named «4 Seasons. Spring».

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The results of competition « 4 Seasons. Winter» from «Russkaya Niva» on a social network «VKONTAKTE»

TM «Russkaya Niva» has taken the results of photography competition« 4 Seasons. Winter» on a social network «VKONTAKTE».

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Dr.Korner`s client`s day – the 13th of March!

Take a part in the Dr.Korner`s client`s day.

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We hear you!

And 19 and 26 April during office hours Chiefs of Mirel will reply to your calls.

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Hurry up and win gifts from Dr.Korner!

From the 1st of March it is started the competition for the best dessert prepared on the basis of crisp-bread Dr. Korner.

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Competition « 4 Seasons» from «Russkaya Niva» in the social network «VKONTAKTE»

«Russkaya Niva» announced a new competition in the social network «VKONTAKTE» named «4 Seasons».

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New design for pastries by Mirel

Mirel updated the design of stickers for pastries: profiteroles, éclairs and "Tvorozhnye kolecki"!

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Dr.Korner in social networks!

Dr.Korner welcomes you to his pages in social networks.

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TM Chastnaya galereya is going to congratulate its customers with Valentine`s and Women`s Day

TM Chastnaya galereya  prepared congratulations for its customers with Valentine`s Day and Women`s  Day.

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Awarding ceremony for winners "Fight a sulk" from Moscow by prizes of the 1st category (TVs)

On the 25th of December at 4 p.m. in our Moscow office we had awarding ceremony for winners "Fight a sulk"!

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