COVID-19 information

Coronavirus infection COVID-19 has caused a global emergency for world healthcare and the whole society...

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New product by MIREL - Caramel cake with crispy almonds

It’s real autumn outside, so that is time for a new Mirel cake.

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New product in the range of `Chastnaya galereya` - Set "Taste at all times"

The range of `Chastnaya galereya`  added unusual novelty – set  "Taste at all times."

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Winter package «Russkaya Niva»

Prepared mock winter shells, which will be worn on packaging Medovic, Napoleon, Truffel.

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New product by MIREL – PLOMBIR Ice cream profiteroles

The new PLOMBIR Ice cream profiteroles consist of the finest custard dough with Plombir Ice cream.

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Sweet puffed cakes Dr.Körner in new design!

The line of sweet puffed cakes Dr.Körner now is produced in new bright design.

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Pies "Mamina Vypechka" now in "Pyaterochka"!

From July 10 pies "Mamina Vypechka" can be purchased in the "Pyaterochka" in Central Russia!

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New product by MIREL – Assorted Pastry set

We combined your favorite pastry by MIREL into one set

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Welcome to Dr.Körner pages in social networks!

Do you love sports, active recreation and healthy eating as well as we?

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New product by MIREL – Pastry “Belgian Chocolate”

New product by MIREL – Pastry  “Belgian Chocolate”

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Dr.Körner took part in Colourful race!

On the 21st of June at the territory of Moscow arena “Luzhniki” ran the 3d yearly “Colourful race”

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