COVID-19 information

Coronavirus infection COVID-19 has caused a global emergency for world healthcare and the whole society...

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Tell the story of your success and win prizes from Dr.Korner!

Competition “Story of success with Dr.Korner is continued on the Dr.Korner’s page in social network “V kontakte”.

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The Clients Day with «Сhastnaya Galereya»

On the 20th of May Product line of the premium products held The Clients Day which was dedicated to the brand «Chastnaya Galereya».

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«Russkaya Niva» consumer’s day

On the 15th of May in our company was held the «Russkaya Niva» consumer’s day.

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Updated "Napoleon with custard" from Mirel

"Napoleon" with new taste filled in the Mirel range.

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All about benefits of Dr.Korner!»

On the web-site Cosmopolitan you can find an article about the uniqueness and benefits of sweet crisp-breads Dr.Korner!

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Stylish QR-code for Chastnaya galereya

Soon every pack of «Chastnaya galereya» products will have the stylish QR-code referring to the official society of «Chastnaya galereya» on Facebook.

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Season offer from «Russkaya Niva» - Easter cake

TM «Russkaya Niva» has prepared the special offer for its customers to Easter - Easter cake.

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The new cake by Mirel - "Chocolate cream cake with nuts and pineapple"

The Mirel cake range enriched by new cream cake

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Dr.Korner’s consumer’s day

On the 13th of March in our company was held the Dr.Korner’s consumer’s day.

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Special offer from TM «Chastnaya Galereya» for Lent

TM «Chastnaya Galereya» has prepared the special offer for its customers during the Lent.

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