The Annual Family Sports Event

Last week the most awaited event of this summer – the Annual family sports event was organizedin two places. This year there was an unusual and a very rich program for the guests of the festival.

On August 24  employees with their families from divisions of Moscow, Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk, Yartsevo and Noginsk, and the participants of the NOP conference gathered at the recreation center "Troitskoye"  to spend time positively.

The fact is that beautiful and comfortable place  "Troitskoye" was used for the first time for the corporate event of "Hlebprom": wonderful shore of the Klyazma reservoir, a massive white tent, a mini-zoo on the territory of this place and the large green meadow were the best match for our needs for the most exciting competition of this year - "Dragon race boats", as well as interesting activities that were produced by product lines, such as Zumba, master classes, brand of innovative game «KernerBall», volleyball and others. At breakfast the participants traditionally could appreciate the taste of our company’s products and at the end of event all guests tasted delicious barbecue and pilaf from a team of HR under the leadership of - Tatyana Oreshkina.

The greatest interest among colleagues caused the team competition on water. The race was attended by 11 teams. During the competition there was an active team from Moscow "Rowers One. Two. Eight" who won the main prize under the leadership of the Supervisor - Olga Systerova. Three leaders entered the team: "Pro", who  took the 2-nd place (team captain - Ovinchenko Anna) and team "the Vikings" won the honorable 3-rd place (team captain Dmitry Kazakov).

Event ended by rewarding the winners and participants of competitions and master classes, there was also a musical gift from the seller-consultant of Moscow - Akhmetova Alexandra and the gift was combined  with a spectacular launch of the balloons into the sky. It was so rich and full of emotions day.




On august 26 our colleagues from Chelyabinsk also celebrated the Annual sports event! Due to the fact that there were also competitions in rowing the dragon boats, the school of Olympic reserve in rowing was chosen. There were 4 teams of 21 people in each. In a part of the competition took place only 4 races.

It should be noted that atmosphere of the race was like atmosphere of real sport – boats, professional terms, the final judge and the boat of the rescue.

Everyone had the opportunity to attend this place beforehand for free. Perhaps, beforehand training had helped the team "Victory" to take the top step of the podium on this day!

An interesting program was arranged for those who acted the role of spectator and active fan – such as Zumba master class and comic race. For children was organized a separate area with a trampoline and a master-class in making your own personal "Diary of a champion".

At the end of the Annual family sports event was a common picnic and rewarding of the winners.


The news is provided by Maria Demidova - Manager of corporate communications, Moscow/ ShulgaNadezhda-Manager of corporate communications, Chelyabinsk