The new cake by Mirel is the Viennese almond cake "Esterhazy"

Сake "Esterhazy" сreated by the classical Viennese recipe: Five air almond cakes, creamy custard with chunks of almonds, apricot jam and crispy sugar glaze.180 grams of almonds in each cake!

Esterhazy is the name of one of the oldest and richest noble families in Austria-Hungary. Among Esterhazi there are a lot of politicians, diplomats, musicians and writers. Esterhazy were known for their luxurious receptions and balls, where guests were treated to delicious desserts and expensive wines.

The first time air almond cake was prepared by the chef of Antal Esterházy, who was the Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary, for the reception in honor of the royal family Gabbsburg. High society liked this dessert so that soon cake’s decoration with black and white branded pattern was appeared in all Viennese confectionery and became one of the traditional Austrian and Hungarian cuisine.

Esterhazy's coat of arms