Excursion to the factory of the legendary producer of Coca-Cola

Thousands of people associate Coca-Cola with a refreshing drink, with the taste so familiar from childhood. In Moscow Coca-Cola factory was opened in 1994.  More than 250 employees work at the factory Coca-Cola HBC Russia in Moscow.  The museum World of Coca-Cola, where free excursions are organized, is opened for everyone all year round.

On the 24th of March the employees of our company had an opportunity to visit the factory and the Museum of Coca-Cola HBC Russia in Moscow. The excursion to the ‘heart” of refreshing brand Coca-Cola consisted of two parts, a tour to the Museum room and a walk through the secret halls of the plant.  We were met at the gatehouse, ushered in the hall, where the guide told us the story about the creation of the beverage and about Сoca-Cola plants, about 11 plants are sit.

After a small introductory lecture, we put on white lab coats and were ready for the most exciting part - a tour to the operating department, where we could learn the secrets of preparation of our favorite beverage. We listened to the guide very carefully, because in the end we would have a quiz with prizes. We walked through perfectly clean corridors and viewed perfectly clean equipment through the windows.

When we returned to the Museum hall, the quiz was held for us and the most intent colleagues got gifts. . At the end of the excursion, we had an opportunity to taste one of the drinks and even mix them together. All colleagues got  corporate gifts from Coca-Cola.

In summary, the excursion was very advantageous and effective.