«Financial or non-financial motivation?» — that is the question

On the 2nd of June in Moscow, a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of Motivation Awards’17 was held.
The event has been organized year in a row. During the contest, the jury judged more than 85 works of leading Russian and international companies.

Company «Hlebprom» has presented two projects:
  • The line managers Marathon 
  • The «Hlebpromovec» Club 

Such companies as Rusagro, Technosila, took part in the competition.
Our company was named among the top five finalists! This fact proves the success of the chosen course of development.

Analyzing the number and quality of projects of the contest, the jury notes significant changes:
  1. There are fewer projects that can be named innovative, even for Russia. More and more companies take the calculation of the effectiveness of their incentive programs seriously.
  2. The number of contestants who can talk about the magnitude of the non-financial motivation not only according to the number of employees, but also to the number of competencies that this motivational schema supports, increased.
  3. Some companies are already mastered successfully the tools of non-financial incentives of employees and they need to move from a one-shot project implementation to a system. 

We asked our colleagues what is the role of non-financial motivation in our company, and what motivates them to accomplish daily labor feat.

Daria Pechaeva, head of recruiting and personnel adaptation department, Moscow: «In order to achieve high results in efficiency of employees, it is necessary to form a whole system of incentive measures. Competently organized non-financial motivation is the secret of the success of the company. With the true motivation employees begin to work and build business with good mood, focusing on the result. Participation in these contests is an objective assessment of the effectiveness of our projects».

«The most important thing in any business is to love what you do.»- comments Alyona Smirnih HR Director, Chelyabinsk-«I enjoy my job and my profession, and I believe you can do qualitatively only what you believe in and what you are interested in. Before starting to realize a new task or project I try to analyze how it can promote the company, how I like the idea how interesting and understandable it is to me, if I can present the idea to my colleagues with inspiration or tell about it to my friends. If all these criterions work, it means the mission will be accomplished for sure. The importance of the motivation of employees in that it defines the future of the company. The employee performs his duties efficiently, if he is interested in the activities of the company and gets his satisfaction from working in it. Each of us coming to work, asks a question: «what do I want to get from my work: salaries, career, communication?» and if the answer to the question is l not only affects the material side, then the company is headed in the right direction. Work in a team with talented professionals, corporate spirit, goals to success increase the desire to work. We are pleased that the company «Hlebprom» has motivated its employees to quality work for many years and we hope that the company will continue to manage the motivational processes effectively and efficiently.