How we celebrated our 35th birthday!

On the anniversary day the Chief Executive officer Anton Mikhailovich Gubkin prepared congratulatory words for the employers

"Dear colleagues! Today we celebrate the birthday of our company; this year is very special for us it is 35-th year. And it is a remarkable achievement for the true LIVE company even according to the world standards. First and foremost I would like to congratulate and to express our gratitude and admiration to colleagues who have been working in the company all these 35 years:
 — senior production engineer-Vasilyeva Elena Borisovna,
 — 2nd rate confectioner -Loginova Nadezhda Mihajlovna,
 — 3rd rate confectioner -Legonkova Tatyana Gennadievna,
 — 3rd rate confectioner -Pimneva Tatyana Aleksandrovna
 — production line supervisor-Bortnikova Zinaida Vladimirovna;
 — special thanks to the production development officer PL"Fresh cakes"- Akulova Galina Viktorovna, and to all colleagues of our oldest site in Chelyabinsk.
Many of us are looking at such results with great respect, and I am sure all of us would agree for many years more to develop our common business: the production of tasty and quality products, thatbring joy in every house.Over the last years, Hlebprom joined cakes of long term storage (Krasnogorsk), healthy food (Yartsevo) newest frozen cakes (Noginsk), premium and exotic products.

We have goals to develop frozen pastries and cakes, healthy food and many others plans at least for 10 years more.
I wish everybodysuccessful development and an opportunity to congratulate each other with HlebpromBirthday many more decades!"

Probably, it is difficult to imagine but there are employees in our company who during more than 30 years go side by side with the company, manage with all the hardships, andled our companyforward. Let’s get to know them better.

Zaremba Sergey Vasilyevich, one of the shareholders of OJSC «Hlebprom», Moscow 30 years in OJSC «Hlebprom» Sergei Vasilyevich was one of the first who organized the delivery of crab sticks into the country under the brand «Uniservis». As well as crab sticks, seafood delicacies were added to the product line of the company. Now the brand is developing successfully.

Akulova Galina Viktorovna, production development director of the product line «Fresh Cakes», Chelyabinsk 32 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». She worked as an engineer-technologist, chief technologist, Head of the certification and audit Centre, the production director. Awarded with honorary diplomas and gratitude.

Vasilieva Elena Borisovna, a senior engineer-technologist, Chelyabinsk 35 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». She worked as an engineer-technologist, a production line supervisor, a leading innovation manager. Awarded with honorary diplomas and gratitude.

Bortnikova Zynaida Vladimirovna, a production line supervisor, Chelyabinsk 34 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». She worked as a confectioner, a baker, a senior shift-head, a production line supervisor. Awarded with diplomas and gratitude.

Karimova Anisija Malikovna, a senior warehouseman of frozen products, Chelyabinsk 31 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». Worked as a confectioner, a baker, a production line supervisor. Awarded with diplomas and gratitude.

Legonkova Tatyana Genadyevna, a 3rd rate confectioner, Chelyabinsk 34 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». Worked as a confectioner. Awarded with diplomas.

Loginova Nadezhda Mihailovna, a 2nd rate confectioner, Chelyabinsk. 35 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». Worked as an engineer-technologist, a production line supervisor, a senior shift-head. Awarded with diplomas and gratitude.

Lyubushkina Natalya Vladimirovna, a sponge-marker, Chelyabinsk. 31 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». Worked as a confectioner, a dough maker. Awarded with diplomas.

Pimneva Tatyana Aleksandrovna, 3rd rate confectioner, Chelyabinsk 34 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». Worked as a production line supervisor, a confectioner. Awarded with diplomas.

Pyankova Olga Aleksandrovna, a 4th rate confectioner, Chelyabinsk 29 years in OJSC «Hlebprom». Worked as a confectioner. Awarded with diplomas.

How we celebrated this holiday?

At the production site in Chelyabinsk the morning of 26 June started with congratulations. Balloons, posters, greetings were everywhere. It was the Chelyabinsk site that 35 years ago gave the start to our great company. In celebration of Birthday sweet gifts as well as festive stands were organized for production staff. The Head Office of the company was also involved in celebration. On this day in Moscow any employee could recall moments from the history of the company and write them at a specially organized stand.