The History of creation of the very first confectionery masterpieces narrated by the first employees of OJSC «Hlebprom»

The history of our company has been consistently connected with the history of the development of the Chelyabinsk production that began in 1981, with the production of bakery products. In 1982 the production of the first cakes was launched. We have interviewed two employees who were at the beginnings of the confectionery production line  in Chelyabinsk:

Akulova Galina Viktorovna. Now she is a Production Development Director of "Fresh cakes”, but she started career as a Manufacturing Process Engineer.


   Koman Olga Anatolyevna. Now she is a Leading Technologist of the development and adaptation of fresh cakes, she started career as a Manufacturing Process Engineer
Colleagues, tell us about what cakes did we produce? What was the tonnage?
At that time, all cakes were produced on sweet cream butter with protein cream, soufflé. The first popular products among consumers had names: Forest harmony, Forest fairy-tale, Mask, Lubava, Gift, Kalach, Uralochka, South Ural, Evening Chelyabinsk, Bonfire,  pastry "Bushe", "Lubitelskoe", "Biscuit-cream”, “Korzinochka”  teacake "Sverdlovskiy”, teacake "Moscow”, "Kovrizhka".
During the Soviet period, not more than 5 tons per day were produced. At the present day, we achieved the production volume of 88 tons per day.

 What manufacturer methods/technologiesdidyouuse?
Bakery No. 7 was one of the modern and promising manufacturers in Chelyabinsk region. The management of “Chelyabhlebprom” paid much attention to the quality of the products and to the equipment technical condition. The technology of preparation of sponge cream products has changed significantly, and it is important to pay careful attention to the cream preparation technology.
The assortment of cream was small, but the technological process was long enough.  The cream was made in the area for preparation and storage of milk-sugar syrup and syrup for biscuits. The syrups were boiled  and stored and cooled in individual cubes. The technological process was not adapted to the changes in market demands of Soviet trade, as there were restrictions according to sanitary standards of producing sponge cream cakes. New recipes were always under development, but all the creams and semiseshad to be corresponded with the recipes from the approved list. It was one of the reason of cake shortages in the market.
What was the situation with technical equipment?
Nowadays the technical equipment of the confectionery production line is incomparably higher. We had only two ovens FTL 2 for baking sponge and sandy paste. The sponge cutting was carried out manually as well as the assembly and decoration of cakes.  Cakes were packed in cardboard boxes. In those timestechnologists could only dream about automatic mixers or rotary ovens with program control that are used now.

Now most processes are automated, for example, the process of making sponge cakes.  The dough kneading is done in premixers. Then, it goes through the aerator where after saturation with purified air and it falls into depositors, where after dosing in forms it starts baking.
What raw material suppliers did we work with?
Mostly we worked with Russian suppliers, but there were foreign partners too.
Chocolate, glaze and cocoa powder were from confectioneries based Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Flour was from bakery plant No. 2. In Chelyabinsk. Raw materials such as condensed milk, butter, jams were widely exported from the government reserve.Sweet butter was brought from France. Fruit berry jams with berries, without coloring agents were from Ukraine and Hungary.  Nuts and raisins were from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
What receipts are we still using? And what cakes are we planning to return to the production?
Cake "Fairy tale" is the most favorite and beloved product among our customers. As well as the cake «Polet», which is going to be implemented on our production.