Managers of all trades

Most of the companies-manufacturers have a problem of disconnection between production personnel and managers because of lack of common team feeling. OJSC "HLEBPROM" decided to solve the problem not a usual way. For one day managers and chief specialists of OJSC "HLEBPROM" turned into production workers. This unusual action occurred on 10th - 11th November on production floor in Chelyabinsk. The labour holiday took place with a motto Manager of all trades.

 During this arrangement the confectioners could share their experience in making perfect cakes with managers. And employees experienced hard work in production.

 As one of the experiment's participants says, everything looks much easier from the outside. But when you start doing seemingly easy operations it will be hard enough. Such operations as estimation necessary amount of powder or putting products in forms proved to be difficult to complete. It was even hard to imagine standing on feet all shift. Now I value labour of our confectioners much better, also the products we produce.

 Positive experience of this arrangement will be basis for conducting such labour exchange days regularly.