Back to the USSR or forward to the world of illusions! Congratulations of the employees with "Defender of the Fatherland Day"

Last week in Russia one of the day of military glory — the "Defender of the Fatherland Day" was celebrated.

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The holiday of sport, health and youth was organized in Yartsevo!

In the fun starts the age or physical strength are not important at all.  A key condition of participation is to be a fan of a healthy lifestyle orto be prepared to become one of them. Therefore, the resultsof the competition depended only on the cohesion and self-discipline of the teams. There were 2 teams: the "Acorns" the team of grownups and the "Best of the best"the  team of younger generation.

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Glazed with natural chocolate rice cakes

According to the Dr.Korner’s philosophy and modern approach to the healthy nutrition that proofed its efficiency it’s very important to listen to your body and do not limit yourself in any kind of products like sweets for example. At the same time we should make conscious choice for tasty products made of healthy and natural ingredients that are beneficial for our health.

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The History of creation of the very first confectionery masterpieces narrated by the first employees of OJSC «Hlebprom»

The history of our company has been consistently connected with the history of the development of the Chelyabinsk production that began in 1981, with the production of bakery products.

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New product by Mirel –"Black forest" cake

"Black forest" is a classic combination of chocolate and cherries, which everyone loves!

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Products under brands “Dr. Korner” and “ChastnayaGalereya” were presented at the "Russian Gastroweek" in India.

About 20 companies, such as: United confectioners, Ruskart, KDV, the Crimean wines, Russian caviar house and others took part in "Russian Gastroweek" in Kolkata.

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Success of Hlebprom volleyball team

Volleyball team Dr.Korner came in a close third in corporate volleyball championship the Champions Business League.

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New Year festive events in “Hlebprom”.

Traditionally in the biggest divisions New Year parties are organized in a very creative way: a family event in Moscow Cats Theatre for employees from division in Moscow, and a New Year concert for employees from Chelyabinsk.

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New product from "Chastnaya Galereya"

Brand "ChastnayaGalereya" is pleased to introduce a new product

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2017 year is an anniversary year in our company.

This year our company iscelebrating 35years of operation.  The official launchdate is June 1982, when the confectionery production line was founded on the ground of Bakery plant number 7 in Chelyabinsk.

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